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Subject: Fanfic, and other things.....

Ive just read mightys mail about fanfic.....

And must say i disagree with him on it. It is good to have diffrent
ideas of how mobius might progress, each a parrallel universe to
another. This allows everyone to have a vision of what they think
happens, and allows us, to read each story for its own worth, and to
consider it on its own merits. I mean the BAM storyline, i realy like
it, but some of what happens contradicts other storys... So what, its
still a good story, i like to feel that it is set in a parrallel to the
other story, thus the problem of contridictions is solved.

Also about the robotisizer, also a good idea in my point of view...BUT
remeber Robotniks Forces have main robotisizers, these i have been lead
to belive can do many at once, where as the FF only have a one at a time
BLUE robotisizer, this means that they now have a weapon to use agenst
robotnik, but robotnik still has an edge so to speak. For every one the
FF derobotisise, Robuttnik can do many, possible hundreds.

Well tare this to pices if you want, it may make an intresting discussion.

                  Symon Kielb

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