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From: Doug LoConti <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 00:02:44 -0500 (EST)

>I think that saying something is "normal" or "abnormal" is making a
>statement which is much too general, and it doesn't allow for any kind of
>gray area in between. To use my above comparison, some people would say=
>"abnormal" for me to watch cartoons, or to write stories involving cartoon
>characters, or make doodles of cartoon characters. So what? Let's take a
>look at who's actually creating them! They're adults, and they're not
>considered "abnormal" by any people that I know. (I guess that if what you
>do makes you money, it's okay. We just can't enjoy things without promise=
>monetary gain.) You said it yourself Mighty, and it just doesn't get any
>more obvious than this.-> If everybody were a conformist, the world would=
>a very, very dull place.

I's odd, however, how one sometimes needs another to get by on a
point. I myself have never beleived in confority or the "system" or
anything else.... call me a Romantic if you will, but it's just not my style
to conform. However, when you're alone on something in this crazy world, it
makes it harder to accept as being "normal", (even though there's really no
basis for comparison...) however, even if you're wrong, or "different", so
to speak, as long as there's someone "different" with you... hey, missery
loves company. Most of the time I can stand for what I beleive in, but
sometimes, every so often, I have to take a step back and say "whoa"....and
I'm glad I did. Watching Sonic the Hedgehog or any other cartoon is just
what you like...which you should be allowed to do. The one GOOD point
America has, (probably the ONLY, no offense to any non-Americans,) is that
"wretched" freedom of speach. :) But even if they handicapped you and took
your speech, they cannot controll your thoughts-ever. (Or at least I HOPE
TO GOD not....this world would be in terrible shape otherwise!)

Well, blah blah blah... to finally connect this all to the "list", I'm just
glad there's other Sonic "freaks" out there, that way I don't feel so bad
about being one myself. :)

BTW-An inside source gives me info to the voice of Sally on STH sat.
morn.... if you were me, would you call and bother or leave alone and
wonder...? I'm afraid to call, because... well, you know...people get sad
when they get calls from people they don't know... <yawn> ...oh well...I'm
off to bed. Later all!

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