Re: Problems with fanfic

From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 10:14:07 -0500 (EST)

>From: (Doug LoConti)

>as I fly through the stories, numerous conflicts between them arise.


>Well, I've decided we need to have stories meet, and (through a SINGLE story
>I'm working on, very long,) I may be able to do it.

Careful, that's what DC tried with "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and IMVNSHO
made things worse - shortly after that I dropped all their titles except
Star Trek, and now even that's coming to an end...

>Which brings me to my SECOND question/comment: the process of robotisizing
>itself: in stories, it is my OPPINION, (not an attack, I'm sick of getting
>into debates because people think I'm attacking other people,) that we NEED
>to keep the robotisization in the stories. I have reasons to back this.
>They are:
>1) Ever watch an old cartoon and the bad guys ALWAYS seem to escape?
>There's a reason for that. It's so the cartoon continues next week. :)
>Same applies here. If we figure out how do de-robotisize people, Robotnik's
>lost. That's the end of the stories.

Good point; I liked how the Sat. AM series did it: they gave Uncle Chuck
his mind back, and showed that the derobotization process was feasible, but
didn't quite get there, thus had something to continue to strive for. But
that still doesn't justify the abrupt end to the series :^( (but that's a
separate thread :^))

>From: (Dan Drazen)

>I can't expound on this at length here but you'll find that the fanfic
>community can be pretty lenient about alternative Sonic stories so long
>as the essential characters are still themselves.

The only one I've read so far is "Other Sonics", which is kind of the wrong
example since it's deliberately set in an alternate Sonic universe. But I
agree that as long as the characters are themselves, and any additional ones
don't get in the way of that, then I have no real problem with it.
Examples: I like the presence of Bookshire (though he seems somewhat
superfluous with Rotor around), but I have problems with Packwood - one,
his sheer evil tends to really make the stories he's in rather grim, and
two, I find it hard to believe Robotnik would create something that even
had the possibility of overthrowing him... (nothing personal against the
creator(s) of these characters, BTW :^))


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