Problems with fanfic

From: Doug LoConti <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 06:49:18 -0500 (EST)

Ahh yes, the glories of writing your own stories about our favorite blue
wonder..... new friends arrive, old friends go....and, though the wonder and
simplicity of writing a story comes the's not all as simple as
it seems. Back in my AOL and Fraudigy days, there were many talented
writers on both nets that liked to expand the stories and even update Sega's
views on how Mobius should run. But, as I fly through the stories, numerous
conflicts between them arise. One simple conflict would be (I won't go into
specifics, and this is NOT an attack for those that cannot determine that,)
in one story I read Uncle Chuck is alive, well, and "de-robotisized", and it
another, (the one I prefer, because as of now, I don't think their is (or
should be) a way to de-robotisize people,) he is still under Robotnick's
controll, and a full robot. This brings two problems: 1) Is any one right?
That is, which story flies? And 2) Can there/should there be different
stories going? Well, I've decided we need to have stories meet, and
(through a SINGLE story I'm working on, very long,) I may be able to do it.
Which brings me to my SECOND question/comment: the process of robotisizing
itself: in stories, it is my OPPINION, (not an attack, I'm sick of getting
into debates because people think I'm attacking other people,) that we NEED
to keep the robotisization in the stories. I have reasons to back this.
They are:
1) Ever watch an old cartoon and the bad guys ALWAYS seem to escape?
There's a reason for that. It's so the cartoon continues next week. :)
Same applies here. If we figure out how do de-robotisize people, Robotnik's
lost. That's the end of the stories. Think of it: even if Robotnik is
still in power, all the freedom fighters have to do is un-robotisize the
others, and it doesn't matter HOW powerful Robotnik is, we'd still win by a
sheer onslaught of force. Well, anyone agree/disagree with this? Let's get
some posting on this to see what people have to say. BTW-I don't write
stories much, and this one I'm working on is VERY long, I just hope it's
good. :) (IF it is, it'll answer LOSTSA questions, and throw things back
in line, story wise..)

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