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>1) Ever watch an old cartoon and the bad guys ALWAYS seem to escape?
>There's a reason for that. It's so the cartoon continues next week. :)
>Same applies here. If we figure out how do de-robotisize people, Robotnik's
>lost. That's the end of the stories. Think of it: even if Robotnik is
>still in power, all the freedom fighters have to do is un-robotisize the
>others, and it doesn't matter HOW powerful Robotnik is, we'd still win by a
>sheer onslaught of force. Well, anyone agree/disagree with this? Let's get
>some posting on this to see what people have to say. BTW-I don't write
>stories much, and this one I'm working on is VERY long, I just hope it's
>good. :) (IF it is, it'll answer LOSTSA questions, and throw things back
>in line, story wise..)

I disagree. Remember what happened to Yugoslavia (sp?) after breaking away
from the USSR? That what could happen to Mobius, although not in such a
drastic manner. Even if Davey Crockett *does* manage to deroboticize
everyone on Mobius, which he probably *could* not do, and single-handedly
take out his dad and end Robotnik's reign of tyrrany once and for all, which
he *might* do, but that is *very* uncertain, the story of Mobius does not
*certainly* end there. There *is* a life after Robotnik, and the
possibilities abounding there could be endless, or maybe even better than
what's happening now . . .

But then again, the story *would* end. The Evil has been kicked off the
planet, permanently, Peace and Prosperity will be restored on Mobius, and
everyone, save a few bitter souls scarred too harshly by the war, will live
happily ever after, up to the point where Davey Crockett "dies of old age"
and returns to his home planet by the same mysteries of the Void that brought
him there . . . just eight hours after he left . . . which *did* happen. But
ain't that one of the most important pieces of a good saga? A solid
conclusion, or even a happy one?

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