Re: Nomad worried!

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 21:41:44 CST

> I need to know something. Where is David Piston? and did anyone else
> recieve my RPG?

Yup.. I got it... I was half-way through writing a letter asking a few
questions about it (e.g. how certain things work) when I realized what
was going on after a few more reads.

I've actually reformatted a good portion of the rules with MS Word so that
they look a bit better and are easier to read. I was going to ask if you
or anyone else were interested in that MS-Word file.

> Here's something about Sonic characters.....would anyone like thier stats?

That might make some good examples to include with the instruction..
to show what 'well-rounded' characters might look like

> But, really, I think that if every character has 'super powers' of some
> sort, it would ruin the game and the comic, and the TV show, and...well,
> you get the idea. Is there anyone who agrees with me.

Yup. You'd no-longer have Sonic. You'd have short-n-furry X-men clones.
Also, in an RPG setting you'd probaly ond up creating 'Dumper Force!'
(My generic term for where you have a bunch of bad 'powergaming'
roleplayers involved in stupid plots).

> (I thought about this when someone mentioned Sally with super speed)
> [I dead the thought!]

dead or dread? ... err.. anyway

Sally DID get super speed in the last SAT-AM episode. The guy who wrote
the Blood and Metal series [Arrg.. I forget his name offhand... Gonterman?]
figured this effect was permanant (I'd probably have made it temporary
if I wrote stories) [actually, I finally DO have a few Sonic story ideas...]

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