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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 16:12:29 +1100

Matt Penna,
> Did it occur to any of you that we may never know Princess Sally's
> real species?

..ohhh, this is potential flame-war material. :)

I've covered this before (see the list-archive for my message from
July 5th), and IMO the only consistent answer to Princess Sally's
species is Weasel. There's the thin body, the brown pelt, the shape
of her head, etc, etc, et al., et al.. In Sonic #26, one of the
Arctic Mobians is Erma [the Ermine], and sans the white front (as
all European stoats have), she and Sally are identical in appearance.
Draz should mention this in the FAQ. :)

What evidence is there for the claim Sally is a [ground] squirrel or
chipmunk, eh? The colour of the pelt and its markings aren't even
there.. (Well, at least that extremely contrived idea that Sally is
a Fox who fell for that foolish adolescent fad of having her tail
bobbed appears to have been forgotten.. Self-mutilation, ick.)

> Personally, I think she was adopted. I think she's
> a cross between a squirrel and a chipmunk. What do you think?
> Maybe a hybrid fox?

There isn't any evidence in the Mobian universe for the existence
of cross-breeds.. A theory proposed in the very early days of the
mailing list is the character's species is determined by the
appropriate parent, that is, Sally's Mum was a Weasel too.
(Whatever happened to the Queen anyway?)

(Hey, it's only a coincidence that my RP character is a Weasel too.. ;)

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