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On Wed, 10 Jan 1996 wrote:

> > Has anyone ever explained the roboticization process in some
> > (imaginary) detail? I think it'd be a bit interesting to know
> > somewhat how it works (or, theoretically how it should work).
> I'm thinking of the Robotisation Chamber as a modified Star Trek (or
> "The Fly 1986") -like transporter that modifies everything in situ..
> (Nanites might take longer to complete the process than is desired.)
> The process might start on the limbs first, replacing the nerves,
> skeleton, et al, with digital analogues, fabricating any extra
> hardware and disintegrating the squishy wet stuff..

[Ramblings about the future 8^)]

> For a Derobotisation process, it would just be the comparatively
> trivial process of removing the synthetic parts and referring to
> the subject's DNA to reconstruct the original flesh.

Here's my two cents on the topic:

I think the matter-energy-matter thing is right, but I don't think the
replacement is by part-its by cell. The cells could be replaced with
small, mechanical versions of their biological counterparts, performing
the same operations, but, obviously, with much greater resiliance to the
elements and use.

How do they stay together? Very high magnetic fields around each cell
hold them all together in their proper order and configuration, allowing
those incredible feats of strength by our roboticized friends.

Deroboticization--if the entire creature is roboticizted, there would be
no original DNA (I think), so the cells (the mechanical ones) store the
DNA info and all the other stuff for a deroboticizer to put back together.

Now that I've explained it, who has the free time to build one for me?
If you do, I'll let you be the first "guniea pig"! 8^)

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