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Date: 96-01-10 16:25:20 EST
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>>On Mon, 1 Jan 1996 wrote:
>>>Did anyone of you notice that in some written stories, Snively hates
>>>Robotnik, and want's to do away with him, while in DiC episodes, Snively
>>>Robotnik enjoy each other's company quite alot? I can't think of any
>>>examples, but I do know that somehow.
>>As far as I can see in the cartoon, Snively always grumbles things like
>>"That big round guy" and the such. They have quite a tense relationship.
>I noticed that Snively's feelings tward Robotnik seemed to have changed
>a bit from the 1st season to the 2nd. In the first season I felt that
>Snively shared Robotnik's 'vision' although he fearful of his uncle's
>rage. In the 2nd season, Snively was considerably more 'defiant' to
>Robotnik's rule (e.g. muttering insults) and was just going along with
>him partially out of fear but also because he knew he could take over
>if/when Robotnik made a fatal mistake. We were never quite sure how
>different Snively's 'vision' was from Robotnik's.

Didn't my explanation get to the list? I did post it to the list.
I think the subject was "Ex on R and S".

>[I also heard the TV show 'Deadly Games' has been cancelled too...
> Bummer... I liked that one]

I think I was watching it about a week ago.

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