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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 17:55:57 -0500

On 96-01-09 21:03:14 EST, John Bintz wrote:

>Has anyone ever explained the roboticization process in some (imaginary)
>detail? I think it'd be a bit interesting to know somewhat how it works
>(or, theoretically how it should work).

I believe that the process has been described in a couple of stories (one
of them is "Nanowars") as Nanites. It was stated that Nanites, microscopic
robots built litterally molecule by molecule, ocupy the beam that comes down
un the subject, and infect the body. After that, they gradually replace every
cell by a synthetic one, thus avoiding the need for DNA scan (replace each
with it's synthetic simily? think about it). After the process is complete
it doesn't take too long), the beam is cut off, and the nanites are rejected
body as foreighn material. (As stated in Bloodlines, the body is not
metalic. Also, the synthetic parts seem to be undetected by the body <look at
Bunny, her body isn't rejecting her arm?> )

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