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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 19:59:09 +1100

> Has anyone ever explained the roboticization process in some
> (imaginary) detail? I think it'd be a bit interesting to know
> somewhat how it works (or, theoretically how it should work).

I'm thinking of the Robotisation Chamber as a modified Star Trek (or
"The Fly 1986") -like transporter that modifies everything in situ..
(Nanites might take longer to complete the process than is desired.)
The process might start on the limbs first, replacing the nerves,
skeleton, et al, with digital analogues, fabricating any extra
hardware and disintegrating the squishy wet stuff..

The guts of the entire thing is just your general energy/solid matter
conversion-- any good Energy Systems textbook written after 2130 will
detail the process in better detail than I could explain here. With
the cybernetics, the Chambers have a database of standard designs and
interpolate according to the subject's species. (The original model
Robotisation Chamber had insufficiently annotated data to deal with
some primitive Bird and Reptile genera, so during the War it was
typical to exterminate these subjects. Most of the larger reptiles
couldn't fit inside the Chambers anyway. :)

[I think I'll quit now before I make a bigger rambling idiot of myself. :]

For a Derobotisation process, it would just be the comparatively
trivial process of removing the synthetic parts and referring to
the subject's DNA to reconstruct the original flesh.

I've already suggested before that Bunnie and the other 'bots
would most definitely need a cybernetic maintenence system (like
the biological immune system & etc), if just to keep the synthetic
parts from wearing down. I supposed that the CEM would already
be intelligent enough from everyday operation to have enough smarts
for adapting to Bunnie's case. (NB that Bunnie doesn't have the
bone marrow to create enough blood cells any more..) I've also
reckoned Bunnie's skeletal system would be completely synthetic,
given the loads she's placed on it.

What I would really like to know though is would she like a nice
cool glass of 30 weight. >:)


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