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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 03:25:08 +1100

>> Cover art: Pat Spaziante seems to be making his mark as a cover
>> artist, and a dynamic one at that. And he continues to push the
>> outside of the envelope in his drawings of Sally. Talk about a
>> tail to astonish....!

Note that the front covers from the last few issues have depicted
Sally as the uncharacteristic `Damsel in Distress'-- I don't like
this at all.

>> "Blast From The Past" (3 parts)

> Nice action sequence with Bunnie

A improvement over her previous "background artist" role. Her
presence was even vital to the story and had several lines this

>> [..] The story is wrapped up in short order: Muttski's mind is
>> restored and Mobie is dropped off in a Mobian jungle.

> And of course he'll get over the loss of his family, etc.,
> etc....

..all by the last panel. Hey, if you become too cynical,
can you forward the remainder of your subscription to me? :)

>> I'm really beginning to get bugged by the tendency to wrap up/dispose
>> of stories by the last page, no matter how nonsensical the solution.
>> It's a sign of bad writing, period.

It's a pity no one wants to risk the N.American market with a more
Manga-styled comic (ie: over 400 pages apiece, time taken for full
characterisations, etc.)


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