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> From what I remember, the episode map mentioned earlier had only two
> continetnts, One small (almous like an island) and one (where
> Ro(Mo)botropolis is located) is much bigger. Well, Earth started out with one
> continent too, so, maybe youre right, and I am wrong. I think that the only
> person who could answer that would be Mr. Julian himself. (But, since I've

A continent is usually thought of as being a very large area. We do have
the Floating Island in the comics, and it might be large enough to
qualify as a continent. If the Floating Island doesn't move around very
much, I wonder what life under it would be like (a little shadowy, yes)
and what sorts of plants would still be able to grow on the ground below.

The comics also introduce the concept of there being >=2 continents on
the planet with one being where Knothole and M/Robotropolis are and one
being the home of the Downunda Freedom Fighters.

Only Julian? I think Snively has more of an IQ than Robotnik thinks --
only that he can't show it -- and he could probably tell us too. And I'm
sure Sally and Rotor would know too, but of course they aren't people

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