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      About a week ago, I bought my first issue of Archie's Sonic the
Hedgehog comic. The art is done by Ken Penders, so if you know this authors,
you know what to expect. In this issue, Jeofry St. John comes back and helps
Sally and Sonic defeat a new robot. The topic I want to discuss is Jeofry St.
John (or as my friend calls him "That skunk dude"). Was he so popular in
Sally's solo stories? He doesn't seem so much of a good character to me? And
who is he, anyway?
      At the end of the comic, there's a message to the reader, asking for a
vote on who should Sally go out with, Sonic, or Jeofry. I deffinetly think
Sonic. I wrote (but forgot if I sent :') ) them a letter saying that "Why
doesn't Sally see who really loves her? All jeofry does is lipwrestle, and
flatter her with his words. Sonic, on the other hand, risks his life for
Sally everyday, and tries to do everything possible to keep her safe. My
friend (from now on Mike P.S. I might be sending some of his messages later
on, but only as a last resort) thinks that "That skunk dude" should just go
and ever
be used in these stories again. Any other opinions or explanations on this
      There is a knuckles solo story included in this comic. Since I missed
the earlier comics, could someone fill me in on what's going on?
      The third story in this comic is a Rotor solo story (You heard me
right). Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes! First of all, rotor goes to see his
family near the north pole. Acording to our fanfic, Knotholians had their
parents killed, roboticized, or sent through a hole in the wall. Rotor finds
(and was expecting to find) his whole family, along with the rest of the
group of walruses (I'd say all of them). Well, maybe Archie doesn't follow
our fanfic, so I wont send flames there. But, on page 5 of Rotor's story, I
found a very interesting quote, "It'll take too long to negotiate my sub
that far..." (I carefully checked that to make it letter for letter). Now I
bet you don't see that everyday :')! How would you negotiate a sub?!
Personaly, I enjoy these little script mistakes, makes the comic a lot more
fun (Kind of a Where's Waldo type of thing). And the typo, naturally (or
logically) since it's a correctly spelled word, the word procecor skipped it,
and negotiated with a sub. Maybe the writer's words "negotiate" were put
there because the Sonic comic group is working on some big (or small) Sonic
project (although I think that the odds on this are very small).
      Also in Sonicgrams, there is a mentioning on Knuckles' miniseries #1
comming out in April (I am personally against Knuckles for some reason
<probably due to loyalty to the Hedgehog>), and a Sonic 48-page special,
Super Sonic VS. Hyper Knuckles coming out some time in the future (this
should be interesting).
      The picture of the front cover of the upcoming comic looks really good.
Maybe the #32 issue will be drawn by one of the more liked artists mentioned
on this list (Hope-Hope).
      Well, I think that that's all I could say on this comic, except that
there is a "Back Issue Order" page that includes Sonic miniseries 1 and 3,
and Sonic "In your face" special. Also it has an order form for all of Tails
mini series (yes, all of them).
      BTW - This comic is Not, I repeat NOT, filled up with slapstick. Maybe
one per story. So there's a good part about this comic too, for all of you
who are fed up with slapstick, or just want to read a normall, not so
childish, comic (Also, Jeofry plants one on Sally twice. Bad Boy). Maybe, as
someone mentioned it with a TMNT comic, the movement towards reality in Sonic
comics has begun. (double Hope-Hope).

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