Re: Why not a game list?

From: Dan Ramos <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 22:58:04 -0800

>Anybody who thinks that this will be annoying, say "I".
>(Maybe this will help decide)

I personally am getting quite sick of seing the fan-version Sonic game on
this list and, with all the traffic it's making, would rather see it have
its OWN list... and anyone who would get 'confused' by going between two
lists like that must be either unable to read the FROM line, or else gets
confused very easily and gets my condolences.

Regardless... I have something CONSTRUCTIVE to post to this list concerning

I just got TWO Sonic the Hedgehog BIRTHDAY CARDS from my sister (who gets me
all kindsa Sonic related stuff whenever she sees 'em!) :)

Both cards have the same UPC: 074720007540

One card (model 235 BJ170-0438) has a picture of Sonic on the cover,
appearing to clap his hands with a large glittery (with real glitter) set of
smoke clouds behind him. The inside reads:

He's burnin',
sneakers churnin'--
Sonic's comin' through...
He's zoomin' fast
and blastin' past
With wishes
just for you!


The other card (model 235 BJ001-0572) has a picture of Sonic looking
straight at you with fists on his hip and tails right beside him on his
right with a quirky smirk and hobbling up beside Sonic's left side. Across
the top of the card, in red shiny letters, it reads, "What's a hedgehog to
do..." The inside reads:

...but wish you a birthday full of Supersonic Fun!

These cards are made in the USA by:
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

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