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From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 15:41:19 -0500

 This IS monumental, and I think any news about
>it or upon it, (as long as we don't have TOO many objections,) are valid for
>this list. After all, we're still dealing with fandom, (I'd hope!
>Otherwise, we've got some nerds out there that just love to program!) :) so,
>I think such talk is valid. Any oppinions on this? And if you object, be
>nice...let's not start a flame war... :) Later!

I agree whole-heartedly, Mighty. Since you stated yourself that the game
will be completely different from the traditional "obstacle-course"-like
game which sega has produced in the past and more like the Sonic universe
that is reflected in the fan-fic and in the series, I don't see why it
should be invalid. Ratman has not complained. (As of yet. There's been quite
a lot of talk going around for a while now, so it doesn't look like he's
going to in the near future.) So, can we assume that we have his "thumbs-up"
on this one? I really can't wait to see what you guys come up with..... :)


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