From: THADDEUS BOYD <AHVT94B_at_prodigy.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 20:59:00 EST

I'VE FINALLY FINISHED THE HUNT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!! <Dances a jig> I'd have
to say it's my best Sonic story yet. Of course, it IS set in that Headache
Universe you know from Jaded Views and Blue Flames, but there's a lot less
Headache this time. 8) The first half is pretty much like a normal Sonic
story even, and the last half is a tad reminiscent of those David Prower
stories...anywayz, I'll send it in as soon as I manage to divide it up into
small enough chunks to send through the list (probably 4 of 'em, maybe
more, maybe less).


'Nuff Said.

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