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De mighty( one said:


>...I think such talk is valid. Any opinions on this?

Well, IMO, this has been one of the more interesting topics on the list for
a while. Since there's some sort of new rule on the list regarding the
u/ling of fanfic to the list, and there were no binaries on it to begin
with, and nothing else seems to have come up regarding Sega vs. Ratman,
this is really the only interesting thing to read.

( Of course, the fact that I'm going to help to write the storyline for the
game doesn't bias me *much*... =) )

However, I'm sure someone else here isn't interested in the game for some
odd reason. I can repect that, too. So, maybe if I threw out another
topic, we could start a new thread. Let me think of one...ah, how about

It is never made clear exactly what the population of Mobius is in either
the comic(s) or the SatAM show, or the demographic breakdown of its various
species are (how many foxes, walruses, etc.). Mobius is a pretty big
place, so I figured there'd be at least 250 million sentinents on it
(being that most Mobians are smaller, and take up less actual space than we
humans do). What's everyone else's opinion on it?


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