Comix... in South Africa?

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 1995 21:35:51 +0200


Someone was talking about STH comics and subscriptions, I would have taken
this up with them, but I freaked out in the quest for disk space, and
deleted my 2.3Mb of mail. Does anyone know anything about ordering this stuff?
Oh ya, I live in South Africa, where the buffalo roam and the lions.. well
find amusement. So I'm not sure if anybody's going to be delivering down here.
Sh*t, I'm beginning to sound like a moron. Please, don't complain, I know
you american dudes have it "way past cool" up and down there, just try and
put up with someone from the gr8 unknown.
But, does anybody know anything.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. BEG BEG BEG.. hehehe


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