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Hello all.

Several people have asked me why I wrote "Nothing for Granted" the way I did,
and I figured that the list would be the best place to reply to them all.
For those who don't care, just skip this. :)

People seem to have been worried about me ever since I claimed that "On My
Mother's Grave" was my last story and at the same time, I stopped role-playing
as Tolouse on FurToonia. Then, when I said I didn't wish for anyone else to
use Tolouse in their stories, they felt I was being selfish and angrily accused
me of such. Now that "Nothing for Granted" is out and Tolouse is dead, they
have claimed that I destroyed a great character all because of that depression
and selfishness.

First of all, let me say why I felt that OMMG would be my last: I had run
out of story ideas, quite simply. The ideas for the first three stories all
hit me within a few weeks of each other, but then, months later, when I finally
got the last one finished, nothing more had come up. I am not the type who
can sit down and crank out stories like some authors can; I have to let them
come to me. Otherwise, it feels forced, or it just doesn't happen at all.
Also, I quit role-playing Tolouse on FurToonia because of this: I never was
very much into RPGs, MUDs, Magic and other such card games, or any of that.
I decided to try it in FurToonia because I was an avid fan of Sonic stuff.
But my interest in the RPing waned, and I felt that to stay around in an
environment that I had little interest in would only be wastin my and
everybody else's time.

As for why I didn't wish others to use Tolouse in the meantime: Back when
I first came up with the idea for the character, I knew how I would want
to write him. David Pistone knows a little about this, as I explained to
him what I figured Tolouse's chronology would be in the stories back when I
first met him as Bookshire in FurToonia. So, even tho' I didn't plan on writing
any more at the time, I did want to keep the window open so that I could write
the character the way I wanted to. I guess at this point I should apologize
for claiming OMMG was my last when I should have said that it was simply the
last I had planned at the time.

Now, about NfG: This isn't the way I had originally planned for Tolouse to
have his final journey. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it
better this way. Mobius is going through a war right now. So much is
happening, and so much can happen. The good guys will not always come through
unscathed. Even the simplest of victories will have casualties, and those
casualties could just as easily be the characters that you feel nothing would
happen to, rather than the "walk-ons" that exist only for the purpose of getting
bumped off. In other words, in a time of war, take nothing for granted.

Well, I hope this clears a few things up, and I hope that I am not the most
hated person in Sonic fan-fic, now. It would be a shame to think that I
created enemies simply because of a fictional character. :)


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