Sonic meats Kevin.

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 18:05:13 +0200

Some person subject to <persuasion> dared to insult our blue, leader, his
text has been <removed> as he too will be. hehehe <selected>

I Don't believe it.. *I* said this is repsonse:
>>Q. Has anyone ever seen Captain-N.. It's kinda odd really though, and this
>>has to be said. That way before Sonic.. there was a storyline about some
>>princess who's father was sent to another world, a hero rocks up.. and we
>>meet all sorts of characters... a buffoon, a clever and strong hero, a young
>>kid with the ability to fly.. heheh. well you get the idea.. Mmmmm.. I
>>always did wonder that.. but don't flame me.. I personally prefer the Sonic

And Matt,(The guy with the 'plushies' responded)

>This guy is a whacko. I gave up on this kind of negativism a long time ago.
>It's pointless and only creates enemies. Hopefully we won't be hearing from
>"Clarkmeister" again anytime soon.

Hmm.. I have his email adress and perhaps I will do something to him, after all,
I do have a lot of good software to try out. No virus's though, stuff like
hypnotizers (trying to control my family), and some other great mind-mashers.

>By the way, Ablater, I remember that show. It wasn't bad, but you're right;
>those are interesting parallels.....but who knows? Everything's stolen
>nowadays, anyway. Either that, or things are just heavily borrowed from.

Here's an interesting idea, imagine the N-Team goes to Mobius, or perhaps Sonic
rocks up in Videoland.. Of course it would have to been fanfic to survive (C)
but it could be real cool. (Imagine Robotnik meating Mother Brain!)
Or perhaps Simon (Belmond not Howes) meating Antoine,
Sonic and Kevin showing off,
the princess's,
Rotor and Megaman,
Tails and Kid Icarus... Hmmm.. Snively and Dr Wiley... WOW!

So anyone want to write it.. Actually I have already written a story like
this, but it was a satire, David Pistone ends up in Mobius after he escapes the
'M-Team' (Who are ticked that he wears a STH shirt) Well.. I guess you should
read it.. but it's kinda weird, that's the reason why it's only 90% complete,
if someone requests it, I will finish it.. Oh yeah, sorry for ripping you off
Bookshire.. hehehe.. I expect to recieve a message to you.. Ohya.. while yer
at it.. what happened to the stories I posted you.. [WAAAAA!]

Now about "Clarkmeister" perhaps he's only seen the Syndicated series, after all
I was kinda like him.. And I'm not a nutcase-- Oh shit.. forgot I am.. well,
perhaps if he knew the storyline he might become a nice guy.. or at least
chance his positioning.. if not then we simply lock my moron mailer on him
and send
pointless messages for eternity. Ohya. If anyone wants I send you my Sonic Doom
patch, it'll turn troopers into Tails, and Imps into Sonic.
(I still find it funny, even after becoming a sympathiser..)
Ohya as the CyberDemon I put myself in.. it looks real cool.. I think nothing
compares to the rush of shooting your evil clone to death!

Imagine K. Acorn and that Nintendo King dude playing chess in the void!


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