Re: Sonic meats Kevin.

From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 20:28:25 -0500

>>So anyone want to write it.. Actually I have already written a story like
>>this, but it was a satire, David Pistone ends up in Mobius after he escapes
>the 'M-Team' (Who are ticked that he wears a STH shirt) Well.. I guess you
>>read it.. but it's kinda weird, that's the reason why it's only 90% complete,
>>if someone requests it, I will finish it..
>>Imagine K. Acorn and that Nintendo King dude playing chess in the void!

Sounds like fun, Ablater! Try to finish it up. I'd love to read it.


As you put it, I'm "the guy with the 'plushies'."

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