Re: Sonic meats Kevin.

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 22:24:45 EST

Hmmmmm...all this conversation about the ol' Captain N show is getting
interesting. However, I think that if the Freedom Fighters were in the
place of the N-Team, the battle would have been over pretty quick. I mean,
C'MON, if *I* was dealing with evil clones of my friends who came out of a
dimension where everything's opposite, and they invited all my worst
enemies to a party, *I* wouldn't just tie them up and throw 'em into a
garbage dump world to fight them another day, I'd throw 'em into the warp
to exchange them for their "good twins"! <Sigh> I wish that Mega Man had
gotten a better role, in either that cartoon or in the one he's got now...

>< (As in Mega Man X, a decendant of Mega Man)
Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearance of Magic.
                                                       - Arthur C. Clarke

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