Re: Proposal: alt.simon-hedgehog.die.die.die

From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 22:31:59 -0500

>>This showed up in alt.config:
>>In article <>,
>> (Clark) writes:
>>>Just because no one else thought of it. If they (Sega) can be the first
>>>ones to have a fan group for a video game character, then we (Nintendo)
>>>should be the first to have a hate group of a video game character.
>>>*** I stopped to think and forgot to start again ***
>>>This is in no way the opinion of Nintendo of America or Japan. It is mine
>>>and mine alone. Well maybe somebody else agrees with me.
>Q. Has anyone ever seen Captain-N.. It's kinda odd really though, and this
>has to be said. That way before Sonic.. there was a storyline about some
>princess who's father was sent to another world, a hero rocks up.. and we
>meet all sorts of characters... a buffoon, a clever and strong hero, a young
>kid with the ability to fly.. heheh. well you get the idea.. Mmmmm.. I
>always did wonder that.. but don't flame me.. I personally prefer the Sonic

This guy is a whacko. I gave up on this kind of negativism a long time ago.
It's pointless and only creates enemies. Hopefully we won't be hearing from
"Clarkmeister" again anytime soon.

By the way, Ablater, I remember that show. It wasn't bad, but you're right;
those are interesting parallels.....but who knows? Everything's stolen
nowadays, anyway. Either that, or things are just heavily borrowed from.


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