Re: offical email about the perv pictures.

From: Ratman <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 21:31:07 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Joseph Delacroix wrote:

> I will support anything that involves the freedom of expression. Sega is
> wrong to do this...they've already screwed us out of a 3rd season, and now
> the porno. What's next? Perhaps the *regular* pictures? Perhaps they'll
> tell us to get rid of a fanfic story because it `isn't the image we want
> Sonic the Hedgehog associated with'.

I can understand their objection on the porno. But fan fiction? I will stand
up to that. If they tell me to remove them, I'll tell them I'll see them in

> Personally, I'm FED UP with Sega's behavior. This is too much. Censoring
> a few porno pics is where they'll start. This is how they build a CASE.
> Soon, if this awful trend continues, they'll regulate every part of StH
> fandom...unless we get OFF OUR TAILS and make a *big* stink about this.
> The more press we can generate about this incident, the more likely they'll
> back down.
> Most large corporations are cowardly; they don't like bad PR, and
> especially from the Internet. And if we got a lot, I bet we could
> generate enough press to get a substancial number of people interested in
> the StH cartoon again.

I had to ask 3 times for an offical email. But they were concerned that "Sega
would be made out to be a bully". And I told her that if she was going to ask
me to take it down, she would have to ask me to take it down. There is no way
I was going to take it down if they were not going to even ask me officially.

> (Think about it. This is a 1st Amendment issue. The EFF would get behind
> us all the way if we could just get their attention...)

I don't know enough about the legal issues.
But aside from that, I'd rather not get on Sega's bad side unless it's
necessary. If they tell me to take down the regular pics, I will have to get
on their bad side.

boy, I get the feeling that this is going to be a hot topic for this list for

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