Re: offical email about the perv pictures.

From: Joseph Delacroix <hk512_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 19:52:03 -0500

John did note:

>>I plan on calling the marketing department and asking for permission to have
>>anything, and I'll let them know I'll keep it in good taste. I am only
>>helping them by keeping my archive, since it makes people think about Sonic.
>>They would be stupid to shut me down.
>I am willing to back you (Ratman) up if things don't go through. Does
>anyone else out there on the Sonic Discussion group agree?

I will support anything that involves the freedom of expression. Sega is
wrong to do this...they've already screwed us out of a 3rd season, and now
the porno. What's next? Perhaps the *regular* pictures? Perhaps they'll
tell us to get rid of a fanfic story because it `isn't the image we want
Sonic the Hedgehog associated with'.

Personally, I'm FED UP with Sega's behavior. This is too much. Censoring
a few porno pics is where they'll start. This is how they build a CASE.
Soon, if this awful trend continues, they'll regulate every part of StH
fandom...unless we get OFF OUR TAILS and make a *big* stink about this.
The more press we can generate about this incident, the more likely they'll
back down.

Most large corporations are cowardly; they don't like bad PR, and
especially from the Internet. And if we got a lot, I bet we could
generate enough press to get a substancial number of people interested in
the StH cartoon again.

(Think about it. This is a 1st Amendment issue. The EFF would get behind
us all the way if we could just get their attention...)

Just kicking in a thought,

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