Re: offical email about the perv pictures.

From: John Bintz <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 07:58:16 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Ratman wrote:

> > I will support anything that involves the freedom of expression. Sega is
> > wrong to do this...they've already screwed us out of a 3rd season, and now
> > the porno. What's next? Perhaps the *regular* pictures? Perhaps they'll
> > tell us to get rid of a fanfic story because it `isn't the image we want
> > Sonic the Hedgehog associated with'.
> I can understand their objection on the porno. But fan fiction? I will stand
> up to that. If they tell me to remove them, I'll tell them I'll see them in
> court.
> > (Think about it. This is a 1st Amendment issue. The EFF would get behind
> > us all the way if we could just get their attention...)
> I don't know enough about the legal issues.

As soon as I heard the news about SEGA's request for the removal of the
porno pics from, I took a quick look at a few copyright sites
on the Web, as one of my "regular" pictures is at I found out
about the "Fair Use" section of copyright law, which allows people to
use copyrighted stuff in a limited manor. Though people can use it,
the original owner of the copyright has the right to remove anything
using their copyright if the material would produce a negative effect
on marketing for the company.

SEGA believed the porn pics were bad for marketing. They had the
right to remove them. I'm not interjecting any of my opinions
in this message--just saying that SEGA did have the right to remove
them, just as they have the right to remove my picture or anything
that even bears a resemblance to Sonic.

As with most laws, there is a fine line between the First Amendment
and Copyright Infringement. I want to be able to draw my pictures of
Sonic and Sally and everyone else, and post them on the 'Net for
all to see, as that's my right. Its also SEGA's right to remove
them if they deem them bad for marketing. Lets hope this issue
doesn't get that far.

John C. Bintz -
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