Re: Still more Sonic music...

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 00:28:09 EDT

>Sonic club? Where? Sounds neat. (:3 Why anyone would bash it... >(sigh)

It's on Prodigy, Video Games Bulletin Board, Sega Clubs topic, subjects
beginning with "Sonic '95"; and there's another branch on the Comics
Bulletin Board, Cartoon/Furry/Humor topic, subjects beginning with "Sonic".
 The basher trouble is that some member went insane and started a bashing
club despite our protests (because we've been through a LOT because of
people who made the mistake of "bashing back"...admittedly, I learned the
hard way that bashing back isn't the answer...).

>I'll privately email you a very neat way to finish those two bosses off
>with Tails if you like (Sonic can do it too, but Tails has a little trick
>he can use...)

Cool...I've never been able to beat it with Tails; rarely with Sonic
(without using the Debug code).


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