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From: Theodore Perrotti <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 01:10:17 -0400 (EDT)

> Ok lets get started:
> 1.Another meet is planned for Sunday Aug 5th at 6:00pm we are trying

     The day Sunday, August 5th doesn't exist (not this year, anyway). Do
you perhaps mean Saturday, August 5th or Sunday, August 6th?
> 3.More Sonic rumors. I heard some people on the local BBSes talking
> about sonic pictures that have stuff like Tails killing Sonic! and other
> bloody and violent pictures. I will try to find these and send them to
> the site. I asked about them but they told me it was a secret and
> whouldn't tell me.

     Personally, I'd like to know where those pictures are-So I can avoid
them! I have no desire to see my favorite freedom fighters in a
bloodbath. This is just my own opinion and is not intended as a flame or
as an attempt to tell others what they can or can't upload. Certainly
though, if you do find those pictures and upload them to a site, a
warning as to their graphic nature would be in order. (Some people
can't view pictures before downloading them). Also, bear in mind that if
someone from SEGA were to find those pictures at some site, they may take
legal action to have it shut down. (I believe they can do that.)
"It's juice time!"-Sonic the Hedgehog
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