some notices {READ THIS}

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 95 23:56:00 -0500

Ok lets get started:

1.Another meet is planned for Sunday Aug 5th at 6:00pm we are trying
again to get this working. The following Sunday we are having a
Furtoonia meet the same time. 6pm (That's Eastern time EST)

2.This is off topic, but i should warn you anyway. There are several virus
scares going around the Internet, such as a Trojan that clames to be a
new version of PKzip 3.0 and a Trasher that clames to be a Doom 2
upgrade patch that upgraes it to 2.0 Be Careful! and sevral Viruses
have been found sent to most of the binaries News Groups.

3.More Sonic rumors. I heard some people on the local BBSes talking
about sonic pictures that have stuff like Tails killing Sonic! and other
bloody and violent pictures. I will try to find these and send them to
the site. I asked about them but they told me it was a secret and
whouldn't tell me.
Also I heard about someone working on a Crossover PC game called Sonic
Kombat. It just a Mortal Kobat like game with the freedom fighters in

4.Also I wanted to know about possibly sending a message to Sega with
everyone's help of course. about including the rest of the freedom
fighters in the next sonic game. All thy whould do is give each of them
a special power and let you play as them. And also they whould change
Robotnik to look like he does in the comic and show (He's uglier in the


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