Re: some notices {READ THIS}

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 06:34:00 -0500

(I'm Not even going to try to quote all that but here is my opein. about
the violent pictures.

When I said i whould try to find them it was not for personal gain. i
really don't want to see that myself. thats why i didn't keep the Tails
Doom patch. the only reason I was going to try to find them is because I
thought that someone whould like them or everyone whould want to see
them just wondering about it. The reason is when i read the Message
archives form past months it was weird how everyone was courious about
the perv pictures when they where going around and they wanted to see
them. I was just thinking hte same whould hapen over the violent
pictures. If you think they whould be to bloody for you or you just
plane don't want to see them then I won't bother. I have better things
to do with my online time then serching for that junk! sorry if you
thought the rong thing about me!

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