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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 13:23:06 CDT

> 1.Another meet is planned for Sunday Aug 5th at 6:00pm we are trying....
> [ date corrected to Aug 6 ^ ]

I wanted to make this first meeting but couldn't shake off some friends
fast enough (I don't want to be TOO anti-social). I'll try to make this one.

> 3.More Sonic rumors. I heard some people on the local BBSes talking
> about sonic pictures that have stuff like Tails killing Sonic! ...

Aww man. The X-Rated Sonic/Tails pictures were silly (and mean) but this
just sounds crude. Count me as one of the 'disinterested'. I talked to
the guy who made the pictures with Sonic and Knuckles 'doing' Tails and
he said he drew 'em mainly to annoy one particular Sonic fan he knew.

> Also I heard about someone working on a Crossover PC game called Sonic
> Kombat. It just a Mortal Kobat like game with the freedom fighters in
> it.

I think the Mortal Kombat parodies ended with 'Pong Kombat' (The only two
paddles and a ball game with special moves and fatalities). I forget where
it is but its FTP-able for the PC somewhere. After seeing that one, the
others just don't matter.
> 4.Also I wanted to know about possibly sending a message to Sega with
> everyone's help of course. about including the rest of the freedom
> fighters in the next sonic game. All thy whould do is give each of them
> a special power and let you play as them. And also they whould change
> Robotnik to look like he does in the comic and show (He's uglier in the
> game!)

A while back Mike Wallis ask people on this list what folks wanted in the
'next' Sonic game? I remember alot of the answer centered around adding
more of the characters from the ABC Sat AM Series and Archie Comic.

I like the idea of a Sonic RPG style game... SEGA could use more RPG games.
[e.g. Sally could use Nicole to display maps but the crew would have to
  GET to a computer station in order to get certain maps and other info.
  Maybe one objective would be to rescue Antoine? (and once done he'd be
  able to give the others something or tell others about their next
  objective... stuff like that... heck.. I'm not the game designer :)

On a different note. It was rumored that DIC had begun selling Sonic
animation cells (one of the reasons why the series might have been canceled)
Anyone know where I might be able to find such cells? I've been to a few
stores which offer Animation cells (and have seen a couple catalogs) but
so far nothing from Sonic was available.

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