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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 02:06:03 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Theodore Perrotti wrote:

> > 3.More Sonic rumors. I heard some people on the local BBSes talking
> > about sonic pictures that have stuff like Tails killing Sonic! and other
> > bloody and violent pictures. I will try to find these and send them to
> Personally, I'd like to know where those pictures are-So I can avoid
> them! I have no desire to see my favorite freedom fighters in a
> bloodbath. This is just my own opinion and is not intended as a flame or
> as an attempt to tell others what they can or can't upload. Certainly
> though, if you do find those pictures and upload them to a site, a
> warning as to their graphic nature would be in order. (Some people

There will be a notice of some sort if they are submitted and approved.
One possibility is that the images/perv directory can be renamed to adult
with either a README file or with sex and violence subdirectories. If I
download those violent files for approve/disapprove purposes, I know I
won't be keeping them around. The Freedom Fighters are special to me.
If asked to help, I'd say "Beam me up, Sally". And a small group of
list.subscribers know just a bit more ;-) I would not want to see the
Rebel Alliance break down into civil war, or to see them lose the war
against with Robuttnik. Speaking of the R.A., if you've received direct
mail from me lately, check out the full header of my message (you won't
see this in a list message).

> can't view pictures before downloading them). Also, bear in mind that if
> someone from SEGA were to find those pictures at some site, they may take
> legal action to have it shut down. (I believe they can do that.)

They could try to have it shut down. It's hard to say if any such effort
by Sega would succeed in court. The defence could claim their violent
pictures are parodies, and the (US) Copyright Act does protect parodies.
Without seeing those pictures, I can't assess their chances of the court
agreeing with such a claim. If you're really interested in this, drop an
inquiry in Oops, almost forgot: Nothing in this message is
to be construed as legal advice or an attempt to practice law.
Professional legal advice is recommended.

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