Still more Sonic music...

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Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 19:22:39 -0700 (PDT)

Oy vey. Walk away from the newsgroup for a few days, and look what
happens... (:3 Let's see what you said, shall we?


Robert Haynie wrote regarding music for Tails:

> Um.... "Free Falling" by John Petty?

Heh. Cute. (:3


Thaddeus R. Boyd wrote about favorite game music:

> #2: Ugh...the music all sucks in that one.

What? are you completely nuts? (:3 I thought that one had some of the
best music in the series...


Kris Kelley (Robin Hood) wrote, about themes for characters:

> Sonic: The Theme from 'Sonic the Hedgehog' by Noisy Neighbors.

Is that the TV show theme? I'm not familiar with the band name...


James Firmiss wrote:

> A friend of mine decided to 'tape' some of the music from Sonic 2 and he
> played it in his car. Sonic 2's 'bonus round' music was VERY appropriate
> for the winding road we were on. Now if there were rings on the road to
> drive over... wait a minute.. if there's road construction we could've
> used CONES! :) [i guess we're lucky there wasn't any road construction]

(grins) That tune drives me nuts. But that's probably because that
bonus round drives me nuts...


Robert Haynie wrote:

> Me? I think the fave music from the games ain't from a Genny but
> from Triple Troble fro Game Gear, that being the Locomotive Chase theme
> in Stage 2 act 3. THere's this very tension building opening overture
> in it.

I'm not familiar with the game, not having a Game Gear. (I'm poor! Pity
me! ):3) I'll take your word for it, though...


I wrote down all your suggestions and am keeping them handy. I'm
surprised only one person mentioned the Icecap Zone, my personaly Sonic
III fave... (:3

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