Issue 25: Amy/Sally/Sonic

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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 17:08:05 -0400 (EDT)

Issue 25 still hasn't made it to my local stores. At least I finally got
it in the mail today. The cover was silver, as I expected, but for some
reason I thought it was going to be on stiff paper like another comic did
recently (X Men, I believe). If using regular paper meant no price
increase for this issue, I guess I shouldn't complain (g).

The remainder of this message contains information regarding the story in
Issue 25. If you have not read this issue and don't want to know
anything about what's in the issue, stop now.

For those of you still with me....

I noticed Amy and Sally are shown as two seperate characters. I was
always under the impression that Amy was in Sally's role outside of the
Archie comic and the Saturday (and weekday?) cartoon.

Amy is clearly in pursuit of Sonic. As Sonic refers to her as a pen pal,
Sally would likely know about her and Sonic does not seem be as
interested in her as she is in him. By the reference of "little girlie",
I would imagine Amy is younger (maybe Tails's age), so she may be more a
"groupie" than a serious competitor to Sally.

We've seen in the Saturday cartoons how Sonic is not very enthusiastic
about getting into a relationship, even though it's always been a "given"
that Sonic and Sally are an item. But Sally hasn't been as bubbly over
Sonic as Amy was in this issue either.

(Getting to sound a bit like a soap opera, isn't it? (g))

Could Sally get tired of Sonic's nonresponsiveness and give up? I'm sure
Antoine hopes so. If she does, that leaves the door wide open for both
Antoine (Sally, if she decides she's interested) and Amy (Sonic).

Could Sonic be up next for a "Love Showdown" issue?

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