Re: Issue 25: Amy/Sally/Sonic

From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 16:51:30 -0400 (EDT)

Random musings in reply:

> I noticed Amy and Sally are shown as two seperate characters. I was
> always under the impression that Amy was in Sally's role outside of the
> Archie comic and the Saturday (and weekday?) cartoon.

Actually, this was the first I heard of A.R. outside of the game. And
Sally was unknown in the syndicated (weekday) StH, AFAIK.

> Amy is clearly in pursuit of Sonic. As Sonic refers to her as a pen pal,
> Sally would likely know about her and Sonic does not seem be as
> interested in her as she is in him. By the reference of "little girlie",
> I would imagine Amy is younger (maybe Tails's age), so she may be more a
> "groupie" than a serious competitor to Sally.

Agreed. She's just a kid, which probably tracks with a good chunk of
the Archie readership age range. Identification and all that. And as
I've said before, there isn't anything childlike about Sally's rendering
by Spaziante in #25.

> We've seen in the Saturday cartoons how Sonic is not very enthusiastic
> about getting into a relationship, even though it's always been a "given"
> that Sonic and Sally are an item. But Sally hasn't been as bubbly over
> Sonic as Amy was in this issue either.
> (Getting to sound a bit like a soap opera, isn't it? (g))
> Could Sally get tired of Sonic's nonresponsiveness and give up? I'm sure
> Antoine hopes so. If she does, that leaves the door wide open for both
> Antoine (Sally, if she decides she's interested) and Amy (Sonic).
> Could Sonic be up next for a "Love Showdown" issue?

If there's been any foreshadowing on that score, it's been on the last
page of the Sally miniseries. If the writers decide to make Geoffrey a
recurring character, that would be the cue. Still, having already
"established" that Sonic & Sally are not only an "item" but are destined
to propagate (cf. the end of "Sally's Crusade" from _In Your Face_ #1
and the opening of "The Return" in Sonic #22), we may be talking a major
can o' worms here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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