Re: Bad News from ABC

From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 08:19:07 -0400 (EDT)

> Well, this isn't exactly from ABC. I called up WKOW* channel 27, our local
> ABC affiliate in Madison WI, and found out that as far as their records show
> "Sonic the Hedgehog" has been officially canned [its not listed anywhere in
> their programming schedual all the way until August] (and as usual, ABC pulled
> their goof-ball tactic of changing the schedual ONE week too early thus
> instead of showing 'Doomsday' they showed a pathetic episode of 'Free Willy').

Sounds like what happened the first weekend of December: ABC moved StH
from 8:30am Eastern to 8:00 without warning, mainly because they were
getting creamed by the Mighty Munchkin Peapod People on Fox. Might have
helped, except that Fox moved their programming so that starting with
the February sweeps, the Munchkins were up against Sonic's time slot
again. Officially, that's what killed the show on Saturdays.

> * Channel 54 is 3ABN, a 6th channel, but that 3ABN stands for 3hree Angels
> Broadcasting Network... 24-hr 7th-day Adventist programming so I don't
> think they count... They've never shown their official call letters
> (the ones beginning with 'W' on the east and 'K' on the west, [Yes, I know
> there are exeptions] ) so I can't tell if they're low power TV or not.
> Ya know??? I thought it was a law somewhere that all stations had to
> announce their call letters at least once an hour. Anyway.. enough of
> this.. I'm already way off topic.

Not off-topic for me, since a) we have a similar 3ABN station in our
area. 3ABN is in "real life" a satellite channel, but some communities
have gotten downlinks and LPTV transmitters to make the programming
available over the airways. In my corner of Southwestern Lower
Michigan, the 3ABN station has a range of up to about 25 miles or so.
BTW, "3ABN" is the official call letters of the station for legal
purposes. Also for legal purposes, instead of showing a slide with the
call letters, they are able to meet the requirements for a legal ID by
broadcasting the call Morse code! matter what's being
said on the program at the moment. It can be a little disruptive if
you're not used to it. As for b) I'm a Seventh-day Adventist myself.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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