Bad News from ABC

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 1995 0:14:08 CDT

Well, this isn't exactly from ABC. I called up WKOW* channel 27, our local
ABC affiliate in Madison WI, and found out that as far as their records show
"Sonic the Hedgehog" has been officially canned [its not listed anywhere in
their programming schedual all the way until August] (and as usual, ABC pulled
their goof-ball tactic of changing the schedual ONE week too early thus
instead of showing 'Doomsday' they showed a pathetic episode of 'Free Willy').

What really gets me is that I was hoping to get this episode on my last
hi-grade tape in SP mode [I taped this season before but in SLP on an
average-grade tape] Oh well.

I don't know the status of the weekday cartoon [With only 5 real channels
in Madison** we've never gotten it].

* WKOW...W-COW...Wisconsin...
  "Ho ho.. Very funny.. Ha ha.. It is to laugh." -- Daffy Duck]

* Channel 54 is 3ABN, a 6th channel, but that 3ABN stands for 3hree Angels
  Broadcasting Network... 24-hr 7th-day Adventist programming so I don't
  think they count... They've never shown their official call letters
  (the ones beginning with 'W' on the east and 'K' on the west, [Yes, I know
  there are exeptions] ) so I can't tell if they're low power TV or not.
  Ya know??? I thought it was a law somewhere that all stations had to
  announce their call letters at least once an hour. Anyway.. enough of
  this.. I'm already way off topic.

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