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> As far as I can tell, the Void is some type of gateway to someplace else.
> Maybe another dimension, maybe another planet, maybe sometime in future
> Mobius. I appear to think that I believe I heard that Naugus actually
> invented it. Robotnik just opened it for him to go in and never let him out.

Of the three, I think another dimension is best. If it's future Mobius,
then let's hope that Sally saw her father in the near future. If in the
Void, the year would be 4200, Sally won't be alive long enough to get him
out of there permanently. I, for one, wouldn't want to break that news
to her. Leaving the planet isn't too hard if you look at the Archie
comic where everyone gets sucked up and placed in a tank for the giant's
observation. But then what planet is it? We don't know much about
Mobius's solar system.

I think you're right, that Naugus invented the Void. But what did he
want to accomplish by inventing it? Or was he trying to invent something
else and got the Void instead? But if he did invent it, it shouldn't be
so easy for Robotnik to keep him in.

> Well, there's a device that can open it and close it for him so all he has
> to do is move the device. (Depending on how big the thing is, this might be
> a lot harder that it sounds.)
> So let's guess how big it is. In "The Void," Naugus was the one who
> opened it in the Great Unknown. (And left an artifact for Sonic to find.)

I think it's of variable size. When looking at the rest of the pinball
machine, it looks like the Void can be fairly small and able to fit
inside. It looked much bigger in the Great Unknown. Its size also seems
to vary with its open/closing/closed status.

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