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Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 08:42:27 -0400 (EDT)

OK, usually I don't insinuate myself in an argument between two people,
but as keeper of the FAQ File I think I'd better add in my $.02:

> My roomate Matt and I are apparently having a bit of an argument as
> to what species Sally is. I'm in the 'Sally is a Squirrel like all
> the references say' crowd while Matt is in the 'Sally's got to be a
> fox' crowd.
> My point: Its Sally 'Acorn'. Foxes and acorns don't mix.
> His point: She looks like a fox... Her dad's a fox. (i.e. The Void)
> My point: Its a toon thing... besides... Archie and Sega apparently
> say she's a squirrel.
> His point: Where's her bushy tail?
> My point: She's a ground squirrel (no bushy tail*). Besides, wouldn't
> a fox also have a bushy tail?
> His point: I still think she looks like a fox.
> 2a) *Sally's tail (and possible lack of it).
> I've been thinking about this. Maybe royalty (and those closely
> associated with royalty) have their tails 'clipped' (like many
> german shepards and sheepdogs). This might explain the lack of
> Sally's tail (and possibly Antoine's as well). I didn't notice..
> Did anyone see a tail on Sally's father?
> By the way.. the concept of Antoine 'giving' his tail to Tails is
> just plain goofy. I don't buy it one bit :)
> Another possibility: Sally's tail might've been lost in a scuffle
> with Robotnik's forces ... I doubt this is a good reason because
> in that 'Blast from the past' episode we see she didn't have a
> long tail even before Robotnik took over.

Tell your friend to read the relevant FAQ (and I thought I knew what a
FAQ was until I started keeping the file!). Apparently your roomie
wasn't part of the discussion on trans-species mating that happened here
some time back. Evidence: the flashforward at the end of "Sally's Crusade"
(In Your Face #1) as well as the beginning of "The Return" (Sonic #21).
This sort of thing never came up on television because you know how the
watchdogs in Broadcast Standards & Practices can be. ;-) Bottom line:
it's possible the King's mate wasn't a fox and that Sally takes after
her mother ([shameless plug] about whom, see my fanfic, "Bloodlines").
Between the comics and Teitelbaum, Sally is definitely identified as a
chipmunk/ground squirrel--hence, the absence of a major tail. Needless
to say, I concur about Antoine being any kind of a "donor" to Tails --
it's just ridiculous.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rodent.
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