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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Wed, 03 May 1995 00:40:55 +0600

>> are most of you guys at college?
add one more to that list...I'm out in 8 days...

>2) Sally.
> My roomate Matt and I are apparently having a bit of an argument as
> to what species Sally is. I'm in the 'Sally is a Squirrel like all
> the references say' crowd while Matt is in the 'Sally's got to be a
> fox' crowd.

Tell Matt that he has an ally in the 'Net Freedom Fighters! She's ALL fox
IMO. (I'm the only one & I'll be gone in 8 days, but I still exsist)

Apparently you've missed alot of the discussions on this might
want to download what you've missed from
& read the hundred or so posts on this subject. I think any & all questions
you have come up with can be answered there.

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