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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Tue, 2 May 95 21:51:42 CDT

> are most of you guys at college?

I guess I'm in college. Grad school is kinda funny though. When you
get far enough the concept of 'semesters' and the breaks between them
becomes rather meaningless.

On more relevent notes.

1) Comic News.
    Still no sign of that Sonic & Knuckles 48-page special from Archie.
    They also hinted at a miniseries including our favorite Happy Fun Fox
    [Miles 'Tails' Prower].

2) Sally.
    My roomate Matt and I are apparently having a bit of an argument as
    to what species Sally is. I'm in the 'Sally is a Squirrel like all
    the references say' crowd while Matt is in the 'Sally's got to be a
    fox' crowd.
    My point: Its Sally 'Acorn'. Foxes and acorns don't mix.
    His point: She looks like a fox... Her dad's a fox. (i.e. The Void)
    My point: Its a toon thing... besides... Archie and Sega apparently
               say she's a squirrel.
    His point: Where's her bushy tail?
    My point: She's a ground squirrel (no bushy tail*). Besides, wouldn't
               a fox also have a bushy tail?
    His point: I still think she looks like a fox.

2a) *Sally's tail (and possible lack of it).
    I've been thinking about this. Maybe royalty (and those closely
    associated with royalty) have their tails 'clipped' (like many
    german shepards and sheepdogs). This might explain the lack of
    Sally's tail (and possibly Antoine's as well). I didn't notice..
    Did anyone see a tail on Sally's father?

    By the way.. the concept of Antoine 'giving' his tail to Tails is
    just plain goofy. I don't buy it one bit :)

    Another possibility: Sally's tail might've been lost in a scuffle
    with Robotnik's forces ... I doubt this is a good reason because
    in that 'Blast from the past' episode we see she didn't have a
    long tail even before Robotnik took over.

3) Sonic Stories.
    I've taken a couple of the Sonic stories from this list and formatted
    them nicely using MicroSquish Word 5.1 (Mac version).

    If I get around to doing a few more I could send out BINHEX'ed copies
    via e-mail or FTP to interested parties.

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