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>Remember the scene in "Blast to the Past" where Julian was holding King
>Acorn prisoner? In fact, this was the scene where the King was thrown
>into the void. Now, where did this take place? It could have been
>somewhere in the city, or it could have been Ironlocke. Since Julian and
>King Acorn were not communicating in person, the King by then could have
>been taken anywhere by Julian's forces.
>Ironlocke is, of course, the valid explanation, and since Julian/Dr. Robotnik
>possesses the technology to open up the Void anywhere he wants to, there
>you go! Problem solved.
>next... :-)

Good observation, but if you'll recall that same show, Naugus also went
into the void through that same room the King did a year (or so) later...
I kind of doubt Naugus would have selected such a place to enter the
void...but, to each his own! :-)
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