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Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 15:43:38 -0400 (EDT)

> This just occured to me when I was falling asleep, one foot in reality,
> and one in unconciousness....
> In season one of the show, Sally was looking for her father. And a quote from
> sally was "my father was here!". And she most certainly was no where near the
> void.
> In season two, it was made clear that her father was thrown into the void
> right after Julian took over.
> Then it was shown that Sally's dad couldn't leave the void without turning to
> crystal.
Well, one could just simply add that to the many other inconsistencies
between the first and second seasons...but how's this:

Remember the scene in "Blast to the Past" where Julian was holding King
Acorn prisoner? In fact, this was the scene where the King was thrown
into the void. Now, where did this take place? It could have been
somewhere in the city, or it could have been Ironlocke. Since Julian and
King Acorn were not communicating in person, the King by then could have
been taken anywhere by Julian's forces.

Ironlocke is, of course, the valid explanation, and since Julian/Dr. Robotnik
possesses the technology to open up the Void anywhere he wants to, there
you go! Problem solved.

next... :-)


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