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> I thought Uncle Chuck WAS fully robotocized.

As I understand it, he was mostly (more than Bunnie) but not totally

> Of course, this could open up a new thread as to how the robots go about
> repleneshing their energy supplies. Drawing a similarity here, Data on
> ST:TNG has the ability to eat, and, depending on what books you read and
> which episodes you watch, he can even glean certain nutrients from the food
> that help his android components.

Cmdr. Data isn't the only one. In the movie "Not Quite Human", the boy
robot can eat, too. But his "stomach" is merely a garbage disposal.
> Like several people (including myself) have argued, the date references should
> not be used to support Mobius being a future Earth. For one thing, it
> oblivion and the Earth started over with other animals (after all, doesn't
> the sun have about 5 billion years of life left?), which use a date system
> based on an event other than Christ's birth (the Second Coming, perhaps?
> well...let's not get into Mobian religion just yet :-)...) But then how
> would one go about explaining the many things that just happened to appear
> once again? Chili dogs? France? The English and French languages? And
> what about the magic of Mobius, such as the Time Stones or 'The Void'?
> Also hard to explain in a future Earth.

Our sun does have several billion years left. But if Mobius is not a
future earth, it can't be in our solar system. No other planet in our
planet can support such living things. I did once before post that
Mobius could be using a different date system; some cultures on Earth do
too. But we don't know what event was designated as Year 0 or 1 (where
did they begin numbering?). As for religion on Mobius, I've seen no
clear indication what, if any, religion(s) is/are practiced there. It is
possible that they could develop chili dogs without any knowledge of
Earth (but not necessarily exactly like ours), but duplication of the
French language, culture, and planetary region is highly unlikely. I
would agree that the Time Stones and Deep Power Stones would be hard to
explain for a future Earth.

> I still say that Mobius exists in a universe parallel in many ways to our
> own, and that Mobius is the Earth of that universe. I'm currently working

Not necessarily another universe. The explored area of our universe is
already thought to be much smaller than the entirety of our universe.
Data gathered from the "outer edges" is millions, even billions, of years
old by the time it is received here, and we cannot predict what is in
those places right now. The laws of physics might be different in other
parts of the universe. Not different in a random way, but different in
some scientifically explainable way if only we had the needed

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