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> > And while I'm at it, Spyhog had Uncle Chuck shedding tears at the end, and
> > another show (or the same one?) had Sonic bringing him a chili dog which he
> > ate, enjoyed, and burped up - huh? Neither of these should have been
> > possible in his robotic form although the tear scene was touching...
> Because they're not fully robots- There is still sufficiant remains of
> their biological forms to accomplish things... (It's more a means of
> slavery than anything else, since Robotnik could've just as easily had
> robots *manufactured*, instead of roboticising everyone...)

I thought Uncle Chuck WAS fully robotocized.
Of course, this could open up a new thread as to how the robots go about
repleneshing their energy supplies. Drawing a similarity here, Data on
ST:TNG has the ability to eat, and, depending on what books you read and
which episodes you watch, he can even glean certain nutrients from the food
that help his android components.
> > >No, the games don't have any vending machines. A few slot machines,
> > >though. And giant pinball games. And monitors with special powers
> > >inside. And Purina Island... (:3
> >
> > So where did the chili dogs come from then?
> What, it seems implausible to you that a certain type of food would last
> out 1500 years? ;) Better forget your lox & bagels tonight... ;) Heck,
> the *pizza* has been around for nearly 1000 years, but only in the last
> 200 years in the forms we know it today.... Most Mexican dishes can be
> traced back to pre-aztec times, *at least* 1500 years...
And so, we come back to my favorite debate :-). Exactly where and what
is Mobius.

Like several people (including myself) have argued, the date references should
not be used to support Mobius being a future Earth. For one thing, it
would be impossible for one species of animal, let alone the multitude we see
on Mobius, to evolve into sentient, self-aware creatures in less than 2000
years. Now, it is possible that this is actually an Earth set several
million years in the future, after humans have blown themselves into
oblivion and the Earth started over with other animals (after all, doesn't
the sun have about 5 billion years of life left?), which use a date system
based on an event other than Christ's birth (the Second Coming, perhaps?
well...let's not get into Mobian religion just yet :-)...) But then how
would one go about explaining the many things that just happened to appear
once again? Chili dogs? France? The English and French languages? And
what about the magic of Mobius, such as the Time Stones or 'The Void'?
Also hard to explain in a future Earth.

I still say that Mobius exists in a universe parallel in many ways to our
own, and that Mobius is the Earth of that universe. I'm currently working
on a whole background to support this and expand on it, which I will use
in some stories that I plan to write. Of course, all this will take place
when I finally get to see the cartoon series myself. (Thanx once again,
David, and continued curses against Channel 2 and ABC in general.)

Did you know that not only a 'Dumb & Dumber' cartoon, but a 'Ace Ventura'
and 'The Mask' cartoon are also planned for next season? <<GROAN>>


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