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On Sun, 26 Feb 1995 wrote:

> In most worlds of fiction, the fiction itself is not a part of that world.
> Confused? Think of it this way: In the world of Dana Scully and Fox Muldar,
> what TV show comes on the Fox network Fridays at 9PM? Certainly not the
> 'X-Files'! And do you think that Calvin and Hobbes are laughing at the
> antics of a young boy and his imaginary pet tiger when they read the news-
> paper funnies?

Ever seen "Tiny Toon Adventures"? In the "How I Spent My Vacation"
episode, Plucky offers Hamton several suggestions on what to do over the
summer break. One is to spend the whole time parked in front of the TV.
Then Plucky's eyes become a pair of TV's playing the Tiny Toons intro.

In another episode, Buster and Babs are thinking about auditioning for a
new Warner Bros. cartoon. But Babs reminds Buster they already do Tiny
Toons, and she does a TTA intro sequence of her own. All the toons know
they are TTA stars. And you'll find more scattered through the series.
> Now, it is possible to get both the 'real' world and the 'ficticious' world
> to exist simultaniously. For example, in a series of stories that I'm
> currently writing, a genius doctor/biologist develops a fixation with the
> comic book and cartoon series 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', spends
> most his life trying to create the foursome himself, and eventually succeeds.
> And so, in the world of this story, TMNT exists both in real life and in
> fiction.
> Now how is the Sonic story going to deal with these issues?

I don't want to give very much away, but this has already been reworked
several times to get it right.
> If you say that the Sonic world is real, and therefore does not exist in
> fiction, then how did this mailing list come about? There would no video
> games and comic books to talk about. Could it be that some of us heard about
> transmissions from deep space, possibly a whole other universe (detailing
> the fights between Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters), over on
> alt.conspiracy.paranoia (or whatever its called) that the government is
> trying to deny exist, and so we put together a mailing list intending to
> get to the bottom of these transmissions?

The list itself will be playing a rather minor role. It's mostly for the
initial setup. The subscribers are the important element. The list is,
in part, what ties together people who are so far apart on this planet.

> Now let's say that the comic books and video games do exist, and that this
> mailing list was the result of them (all true so far). So where does
> the actual planet of Mobius fit into all this? Going into the hypothetical
> world of multiple universes here, I guess you could say that if there's
> an infinite number of universes, then SOMEWHERE there actually exists a
> Sonic the Hedgehog and an evil Dr. Robotnik, and all of the other things
> given in the stories. But what are the odds of hearing about this
> particular universe, let alone finding it? One in a google-plex, at least?
> Such a situation may be outside even the limits of 'artistic license'.

We've worked out most of the details on a certain link between Earth and
Mobius. Can't give away details, though, but it has been considered.

On 26 Feb 1995, Alessandro Sanasi wrote:

> A story that starts with a long simulated discussion might get a little
> boring at the beginning...

I have already de-emphasized the list for the beginning. But it still
plays an important role in the initial setup.
> As I understood the cartoon the technology on Mobius is far more
> sophisticated than everything we have on Earth (anti-grav units, humanoid
> robots, intelligent computer that fit into a persons pocket etc.). In
> addition to that, none of us knows the environment there. What kind of
> help could anyone of us be except making some chili dogs (with extra
> relish) or being cannon fodder when it comes to a fight?

It's to be expected we have limited knowledge of Mobius. That means we
have to go through some training before going on real missions. Even
Tails had to go through some training.

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