Re: Forthcoming Sonic story survey

From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 26 Feb 1995 05:02:00 +0100

On 25 Feb 95, Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 wrote:

Sorry to mail it here, but I have a few questions about your message:

> I am collaborating with another list subscriber to write a new Sonic
> story, and everyone on the list will be a character in the story. To
> develop the story, I need a little help from you.

Who is the other one? If all (or most of us) will play roles in the story,
why can't we set the basic storyline _together_?

> 1. Do you want your real name to be used? __ Yes __ No

Do you really think 'Erich Schulman', 'Paul Gettle' or 'Alessandro Sanasi'
would be good names for Mobius Freedom Fighters? How about using a pseudo
or nickname instead that every person can choose himself?

> 3. Do you require conscientious objector status? __ Yes __ No

Hmmm... I guess that means if I check 'Yes' and you put me into the story
and I change my mind afterwards then I have the right to be removed again.
Is that correct?

> 5. Please state 2 skills you can contribute to the war effort.

How about a character description instead? Or do you just want to put in
our names without caring how a person would act in certain situations?

Just curious

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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