Forthcoming Sonic story survey

From: Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 <"Erich>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 16:41:59 -0500 (EST)

I am trying to automate responses to this message as much as possible.
Please observe the following when you reply:

   1. Send your response directly to Do not
      post your reply to the mailing list or mail it to my
      Delphi account.
   2. The Subject line should read "STORY SURVEY RESPONSE" (but
      without the quote marks).
   3. You will receive a reply which will consist of "ACK" (for
      acknowledge) so that you will know that your response has
      been counted.


I am collaborating with another list subscriber to write a new Sonic
story, and everyone on the list will be a character in the story. To
develop the story, I need a little help from you.

Your name will NOT be used in the story unless you reply to this
survey. Your name also will not be used if you so request. Those who
are not referred to by name will be collectively referred to (ex: Group
A, which has five members; and Group B, which has three members).

------------------------ >8 cut here 8< -----------------------------

1. Do you want your real name to be used? __ Yes __ No
   (Checking YES is not a guarantee your name will be used, but
   checking NO is a guarantee it will not be used.)
2. The story will contain simulated mailing list messages. There's
   no telling where the story might turn up on the 'net in the
   future; therefore, I will alter your e-mail address slightly to
   make it unusable unless you check here __ to request I use your
   real e-mail address instead.
   (If your address is selected for simulated message(s), your .sig
   will be used too (address altered, unless you request otherwise.)
3. Do you require conscientious objector status? __ Yes __ No
4. We can't all be in Knothole (there's only so much space). Where
   do you want to be stationed? Mark "1" for first choice, "2" for
   second choice, etc.
      __ Knothole __ With the Wolf Pack __ M/Robotropolis
      __ With the underground Freedom Fighters
      __ Camped in the forest, like in Sally's mini-series #1
5. Please state 2 skills you can contribute to the war effort. You
   can list anything from some sort of technical knowledge to
   cartographic skills to making chili dogs. You may be contacted
   by e-mail if I need to ask questions about something related to
   what you listed.

   1. ____________________ 2. ____________________

6. Please "sign" with your name and preferred e-mail address. By
doing so and submitting a reply, you swear or affirm your loyalty
to the Freedom Fighters of Mobius, and renounce Robotnik and all
the evil he stands for.


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