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From: Fred Sloniker <>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 14:35:51 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 25 Feb 1995, Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 wrote:

> I am trying to automate responses to this message as much as possible.
> Please observe the following when you reply:

Sorry to break your rules, but I have a few questions about all this, and
the answers may be of general interest...

> I am collaborating with another list subscriber to write a new Sonic
> story, and everyone on the list will be a character in the story.

This sounds like a pretty neat idea, but one more suited to a list-wide
collaboration than just you and some other guy. As it stands, I fear we
might wind up with something that resembles one of those books you can
get for your kids with their name, address, friend's name, shoe size, et
cetera laser-printed onto the pages...

> 2. The story will contain simulated mailing list messages.

Okay, color me confused now. Mobius doesn't have a mailing list. If you
mean to say that parts of the story will be communications between the
various Freedom Fighters who are our standins in the land of speedy
hedgehogs, you don't need our real email addresses, or even simulacra, in
it for that. What kind of story are you planning on writing, anyway?
Some real-world crossover with Mobius?

> 3. Do you require conscientious objector status? __ Yes __ No

I have *no* idea what this question means. My *guess* would be that one
is in the story under protest (that's the military application of the
phrase), but you've already said you won't use anyone who doesn't want to
be used...

> 5. Please state 2 skills you can contribute to the war effort.

How about our character descriptions? I mean, we've already seen there's
a paucity of humans in Mobius; shouldn't you be asking what species we
want to be, how we dress, how our character behaves in given situations,
that sort of thing?

> 6. Please "sign" with your name and preferred e-mail address. By
> doing so and submitting a reply, you swear or affirm your loyalty
> to the Freedom Fighters of Mobius, and renounce Robotnik and all
> the evil he stands for.

And what if someone on the list wants to play a bad guy? (:3

Terribly confused about the whole thing,

                                ---Fred M. Sloniker, stressed undergrad
                                   L. Lazuli R'kamos, FurryMUCKer

Jesus saves! (And takes half damage.)

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